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2019 Monday Night Soccer School

  • Boys & Girls ages 10 - 13. Session Time All sessions start at 7pm
  • Boys & Girls ages 14 - 18. Session Time All sessions start at 7pm  
  • $215
  • 6 Sessions, Monday Nights
  • 2019 Dates will be:
    • January 21, 28
    • February 11, 18, 25
    • March 4
    • Make Up date for any session cancelled due to weather will be March 19
Why The Akron Soccer School?
Over the course of a 90 minute game, with all of its ebbs and flows, the difference between winning and losing at every level comes down to a few moments. Can field players take advantage of scoring opportunities? Can goalkeepers make the one or two saves they have to make to keep their team in the game?

With this in mind, the Akron Soccer School was created. Once a week, all winter long, the UA Staff will give each student the technical and tactical information needed to be a difference maker. Whether you are just getting started or are already an All-American, the Akron Soccer School can take your game to a whole new level.

The Akron Goalkeeper School lesson plan will include: diving (low, medium and high), breakaways, crosses, distribution, angle play, catching, footwork, boxing and deflecting, reading the game, and penalty kicks. The Akron Striker School lesson plan will include: placement shooting, receiving, one-on-one moves, chipping and lobbing, long-range shooting, heading for the goal, near and far post runs, speed dribbling, breakaways, combination play and penalty kicks. All sessions will be conducted by University of Akron Men's Goal-Keeping Coach Ger Coppinger.

Athletic Development: Akron Coaches will begin every lesson at the Akron Soccer School with a 20-minute session of advanced plyometric, footwork and speed & agility exercises that are designed to help field players and goalkeepers maximize their physical abilities. Students will be able to incorporate these drills into their own soccer programs and teams.
The Akron Skill School (Boys & Girls Ages 10-18)
Also running on Monday evenings for 6 weeks, The Akron Skill School will deal with all the technical areas of the game not focused on specifically during the Striker School. Passing, awarenss, turning, heading and dribbling moves are just a few of the topics to be covered.

Alone, or in combination with a session of striker school, The Akron Skill School can be an invaluable part of any player’s technical development regardless of the level of play. Many of the same technical teaching activities used in working with our team here at The University of Akron, will be applied to the students at Skill School.

Akron Striker School - Scoring Goals! (Boys & Girls Ages 10-18) It’s called striker school, no mistake about it... this training is about scoring goals! Its lessons are essential to the success of any player on the field strikers, midfielders and defenders alike.

It is the mission of the Akron Striker School to give all players, front-runners, midfielders, and defenders, experience at going to goal. All Akron Striker School activities are conducted in the Final Third of the field, the 35 yards in front of the goal.

Goal-scorers are a scarce commodity at every level of soccer today, from youth leagues right up to the national team. American coaches always emphasize passing and teamwork, but they rarely focus on the individual skills and instincts that produce goals. And yet, these are the very qualities that college, professional and national team coaches look for when they’re recruiting and selecting players. It is for this reason that the Akron Striker School provides an invaluable experience for developing players. Once a week all year long, every play, every lesson, every game-pressure situation finishes with a shot on goal. Players at the Akron Striker School learn to score goals in every conceivable situation: first time, two touch, headers, side volleys, half volleys, numbers up, numbers down.

Akron Striker School students are encouraged to experiment on the field, to test their limits and develop the knack for goal. Experiencing one variable after another, players learn to think fast, recognize and seize opportunities, take chances and score goals.

A session at the Akron Striker School is six weeks of realization and success. Every player gains a new sense of what is possible. Every player begins to learn what it takes to become soccer’s most precious commodity – a goal scorer!

Akron Goalkeeping School (Boys & Girls Ages 10-18)  - "No other position in sports requires such a combination of consistency, excellence and leadership." Saving Goals! The soccer goalkeeper is perhaps the most demanding position in all team sports. In addition to play on the goal line, the soccer goalkeeper, to be effective, must participate in the prevention of the development of goal scoring chances inside and outside of the penalty area. To succeed in the modern game of soccer, the goalkeeper must not only have all the required technical skills such as catching, boxing, diving, and deflecting, but also must be able to read the game to support defensive play and initiate attack. Reading the game properly can only come from experience in game-like situations.

A goalkeeper educational unit without the presence of field players, provides a false sense of security and creates "practice goalkeepers" who can put on a show, but may break down when confronted with the decision making process in match competition. It is for this reason that the Akron Soccer School has no equal. Every lesson culminates with game-like situations involving the players from the Akron Striker School, part of the unique component of the Akron Soccer School program. Faced with shots from all angles and distances, goalkeepers must also be concerned with three-dimensional angle play, rebounds and providing defensive depth in small group tactics, which will enable them to gain possession or clear the ball before the immediate danger of a shot on goal.

Dealing with "secondary danger" and being pro-active in influencing how and where the opponent plays the next ball is the higher level of goalkeeper training. Goalkeepers are encouraged to experiment in practice to increase their range and test their limits. Goalkeepers who know their strengths and weaknesses will not foolishly place their team at risk, and will become consistent, safe and dependable. What more can you ask? At the Akron Goalkeeper School each goalkeeper is faced with hundreds of decisions and a thousand plus shots.

Each learns to understand why they play the position of goalkeeper, how to take pleasure in the most difficult practices, how to concentrate in the loneliness of the position and most of all, how to become a success at the most demanding position in team sport... a soccer goalkeeper.

Cost: The cost of the Akron Soccer School is $215 per student and includes six training sessions over a six-week period.  Each session will last for One hour and 30 minutes.
All ages interested in this program are urged to apply. Registration is very limited. Students will be able to incorporate these drills into their own soccer programs and teams. Apply by clicking the registration tab below.

Cancellation Policy
Those who cannot attend camp for medical or other reasons will be refunded all but a $50 administrative fee. To receive a refund the camp office must be notified at least 72 hours before camp begins. Refunds are not issued for any soccer related injury and/or illness occurred during camp.

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